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Doug Martin, a Colorado native, lives just south of Denver in Centennial Colorado.  In 2003, at the age of fifty one, Martin picked up a paintbrush for the first time.  “I can’t believe it took me this long to try my hand at painting, but now I’m completely hooked!”  His lifelong affinity for the outdoors and nature is answered well by his love of oil painting.  Before he began his journey into the world of painting, Doug spent twenty five years working as a professional photographer developing his artistic eye and his sense of composition.

He has studied with Ralph Oberg, Dan Beck, Mark Daily, Matt Smith and numerous other accomplished artists.  Given his self-training and his study with these respected representational painters, it’s not surprising that Martin shares their interest in traditional realism.  That interest is exhibited by Martin’s working out in the field, his creation of picturesque compositions, and his concern with bringing emotion to his paintings.  Doug strives to capture the ”feeling” of a place in his paintings and paints both on location and in his studio.  His paintings have been in more than 100 jurried and one person art shows winning a number of prizes and awards and have also appeared in a number of publications.

In 2019 Doug made the choice to self represent and pulled his art out of all the galleries that had represented him over the previous fifteen plus years.  Since then he has been working on a number of commissions as well as continuing to develop and refine a body of large scale paintings that, as it turns out, can require years to fully mature.


"As an artist, broken color has always intrigued me
and has become the strongest defining element
of my style as an impressionistic painter."
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